Reference Tables: Transaction










This table gathers the recognized types of transactions.

Values identify the types of the transactions. Some values may be deprecated. Please consult the transactions cookbook.

Context of use : transaction element.

Code Meaning (English) SNOMED-CT
admission Admission notification
alert Alert
contactreport Contact report
death Death notification
discharge Discharge notification
dischargereport Discharge letter
epidemiology Epidemiological survey
labrequest Laboratory test request
labresult Laboratory result
note Note
pharmaceuticalprescription Pharmaceutical prescription
productdelivery Pharmaceutical product delivery
quickdischargereport Provisional discharge letter
referral Referral letter
request Procedure request
result Procedure result
vaccination Vaccination report
sumehr Summerised Electronic Healthcare Record
ecare-safe-consultation eCare-SAFE consultation
ebirth-mother-notification eBirth notification- mother part
ebirth-baby-notification eBirth notification- baby part
ebirth-baby-medicalform eBirth medical form - baby part
ebirth-mother-medicalform eBirth medical form - mother part
clinicalsummary Clinical summary (part of GP software migration file)
bvt-sample BVT Sample (part of BCR Biobank project)
medicaladvisoragreement (deprecated) Medical Advisor Agreement (eg. Chapter IV)
intervention Intervention (TucoDeclaration)
clinicalpath Clinical path (Hub-Metahub)
telemonitoring Tele monitoring (Hub-Metahub)
radiationexposuremonitoring Radiation exposure monitoring (Hub-Metahub)
medicationschemeelement Medication scheme element (Vitalink)
treatmentsuspension Treatment suspension (Vitalink)
prescription Prescription
notification Notification
report Report
medicationscheme Medication scheme
vaccinationscheme Vaccination scheme
vaccinationschemeelement Vaccination scheme element
ecare-tardis-consultation eCare-SAFE tardis consultation
genericregistryentry Generic registry entry
population-based-screening Population based screening (Vitalink)
child-prevention Child prevention (Vitalink)
applicationlink Link to invoke an external application
careplan Careplan
diarynote diarynote
mea Medical emergency attestation (PPS-SI)
perinatal perinatal dataset
belrai-report belrai report
pharmaceuticalmedicationscheme Pharmaceutical medication scheme
nursingsummaryreport Nursing summary report
geriatrictransferreport Geriatric transfer report
<cd S="CD-TRANSACTION" SV="1.14">contactreport</cd>
Explanation: This means that the transaction is a Contact Report.