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This is the latest version of the Belgian Healthcare Telematics Standard to which the message complies.

Context of use: standard element (header)

Code Meaning (English) SNOMED-CT
20010424 Recommendation 4, 24/04/2001
20021205 Recommendation 19, draft
20030909 Kmehr-Bis specification approved by Recommendation 19a of the Commission for Norms in Healthcare Telematics
20090101 Evolution for new transactions: eCare-SAFE, eBirth, prescription (draft)
20100601 Evolution for Sumehr 1.1. New namespace !
20100901 Evolution for GP software migration format.
20110701 Evolution for Hub-Metahub 1.1, GP software migration format 1.1, Biobank.
20120401 Evolution for TucoDeclaration, OrthoDeclaration, Vitalink.
20120701 Evolution for Therapeuticlink.
20121001 Evolution for gmd, magistral preparation.
20130701 Evolution for Medex, GP Software homologation 2013
20131001 Evolution for DefibDeclaration, homologation 2013
20140401 Support new patient INSS support card number ISI+
20140701 Evolution for TucoDeclaration 2.0
20141001 Evolution eCare Safe V2.3, eCare Defib
20141201 Evolution for eCare DefibDeclaration, eCare OrthoDeclaration
20150301 Evolution for XML Library, eCare OrthoDeclaration
20150601 Evolution for eCare PacemakerDeclaration
20150901 Evolution for eCare PacemakerDeclaration and Nursing Migration Format
20151201 Evolution for eCare TardisDeclaration
20160301 Evolution for eCare TardisDeclaration
20160601 Evolution to rationalize structures of types person and error. Update of CD-FED-COUNTRY and CD-PROOF
20160901 Evolution for My Carenet eAttest, Mediprima, Recip-e and Reintegration
20161201 Evolution for Hubservices, Recip-e, Mediprima, SumehrV2
20170301 Evolution for exchange of medication schemes. Update of CD-ENCRYPTOR values.
20170601 Evolution for Mult-eMediAtt
20170901 Evolution for Diary note, update of hcparty values.
20171201 Evolution for HL7 CDA Base64 support in KMEHR.
20180301 Evolution for AMP table, hcparty and parameter values.
20180601 Evolution for MyCarenet.
20180901 Evolution for MyCarenet.
20181201 Evolution for MyCarenet and extra values for vaccination.
20190301 Evolution for Recip-e.
20190901 Evolution for Diary note.
20200301 Evolution for Pharmaceutical prescription.
20200601 Evolution for Diary, HCparty and Transaction tables.
20200901 Evolution for Administration units and drug routes.
20201201 Evolution for nursing report and pharmaceutical medication scheme.
20210120 Extra mid-cycle release to support covid vaccination indication code.
20220401 Evolution for Additional values in CD-HCPARTY, CD-MEDIATYPE and CD-VACCINEINDICATION
20220701 Evolution for Labo result type and hcparty table
20221001 Evolution for vaccination indication table
<cd S="CD-STANDARD" SV="1.38">20221001</cd>

Explanation: This means that the message structure complies to the Kmehr-Bis specification compliant with Recommendation 19a of the Commission for Norms in Healthcare Telematics.