Reference Tables: Registry Items










The table gathers a very limited list of key medical or administrative concepts specific to registry transactions (eCare TuCo, eCare ORTHOPride, ...) that allow to sort the information at a very high level. The detailed identification of an item (specific technical act for example) should be implemented using a second descriptor referring to more exhaustive dictionaries.

Context of use: item element

Code Meaning (English) SNOMED-CT
isinitialintervention Is Initial Intervention
dominance Dominance
existingbridge Existing Brigde
observedlesion Observed Lesion
segment Segment
totaltreatedlength Total Treated Length
bloodvesseldiameter Blood Vessel Diameter
procedure-device Procedure Device
contrastproductused Contrast Product Used
reimbursementnomenclaturetype Reimbursement Nomenclature Type
intervention-type Intervention Type
intervention-site ntervention Site
approach Approach
navigationcomputer Navigation Computer
intervention-device Intervention Device
bearingsurface Bearing Surface
graftused Graft Used
acetabularinterface Acetabular Interface
femoralinterface Femoral Interface
stem Stem
cup Cup
head Head
neck Neck
insert Insert
prosthesis-other Prosthesis Other
brand Brand
producer Producer
size Size
revisiontechnic Revision Technic
kneeimplanttype Knee Implant Type
kneeinsert (deprecated) Knee Insert
tibialinterface Tibial Interface
patellarinterface Patellar Interface
patella Patella
femur Femur
tibia Tibia
tickness Tickness
kneeprosthesis Knee Prosthesis
revisioncomponent Revision Component
doctorsremark Doctor's Remark
resynchronisation Resynchronisation
pacingindication Pacing Indication
issecondoperator Is Second Operator
postpcitimi Post Pcitimi
poststenosis Post Stenosis
infiltration Infiltration
operation-type Operation Type
alignment Alignment
custominstrumentation Custom Instrumentation
substitute Substitute
modularneck Modular Neck
materialsremark Materials Remark
ortho-device Ortho Device
devicename Device Name
distributor Distributor
manufacturer Manufacturer
femoralreplacement Femoral Replacement
acetabularreplacement Acetabular Replacement
revisedcomponent Revised Component
cardioversion Cardioversion
motivation Motivation
criteriacomments Criteria Comments
comorbiditiescomments Comorbidities Comments
informationprimo Information primo
lvef Left ventricular ejection fraction
<id SV="1.0" S="ID-KMEHR">5</id>
<cd SV="1.6" S="CD-ITEM">healthcareelement</cd>
<cd SV="1.6" S="CD-ITEM-REG">dominance</cd>