Reference Tables: Legal reference









This is the KMEHR table to refer to the legal reference concept (provided by NIHDI) as used in SAM v2. (available in the SAM v2 RMB downloads)
"A legal reference is an “entry point” in the law: a chapter, a paragraph, an article, etc. that can be used to define reimbursement properties. It is defined according to a recursive tree structure with one or more levels. A legal reference has no direct “text content”. The text of a legal reference must be retrieved from the related alinea (“legal text”). The legal text is always linked to the deepest legal reference from the legal references tree." (from the SAM v2 PIM pdf)

The version of the table used is specified in the attribute 'SV' of the cd element: this is an external table, please follow the versioning system proposed by the owner of the table !
This table is used in the Chapter IV flow of MyCareNet. Please refer to the MyCareNet website for examples and further documentation.