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The table gathers a very limited list of key medical or administrative concepts that allow to sort the information at a very high level. The detailed identification of an item (specific technical act for example) should be implemented using a second descriptor referring to more exhaustive dictionaries.

Context of use:  item element

Code Meaning (English) SNOMED-CT
encountertype encounter type
encounterresponsible responsible physician for the encounter
encounternumber encounter number
healthcareelement zorg element
reimbursementcertificate certificate justifying the reimbursement of a treatment/procedure
admissiontype admission type
referringtype referring type
expirationdatetime expiration date and time
risk risk factor
encounterdatetime encounter date and time
encounterlocation encounter location
encounterlegalservice encounter legal service
transferdatetime transfer datetime
dischargetype type of discharge
dischargedestination discharge destination
requesteddischargedestination discharge preferred destination
requestdatetime request date and time
requestnumber request number
requestor requestor / referrer
lab laboratory item
evolution evolution
transcriptionist transcriptionist
transactionreason reason for transaction
requestedencountertype requested encounter type
requesteddecisionsharing requested decision sharing
conclusion conclusion
healthissue health issue
habit habits
allergy allergy
adr adverse drug reaction
complaint complaint
clinical clinical examination
technical technical examination
medication medication
complementaryproduct complementary product
vaccine vaccine
treatment treatment
contactperson contact person
autonomy autonomy level
specimendatetime specimen date and time
hcpartyavailability availability of an healthcare party
gmdmanager global medical record manager
ntbr not to be resuscitated
bloodtransfusionrefusal blood transfusion refusal
socialrisk social risk factor
encountersafetyissue safety issues related to the encounter
emergencyevaluation evaluation of emergency justification
incapacity incapacity description
dischargedatetime discharge date and time
insurancystatus insurancy status
patientwill patient's will
professionalrisk professional risk
familyrisk family risk
parameter parameter
careplansubscription Care Plan Subscription
diagnosis Diagnosis
actionplan Action Plan
contacthcparty Contact Healthcare Party
acts Acts (curatif and prevention)
healthcareapproach Healthcare Approach
memberinsurancystatus Member Insurancy Status
referrer Referrer
requestedrecipient Requested Recipient
claim Claim
outcome Outcome
agreementwithpatient Agreement with Patient
patientcooperation Patient Cooperation
reimbursementclass Reimbursement Class
financialcontract Financial Contract
justification Justification
result Result
autonomy Autonomy
membership Membership
problem Diagnosis, problem, complaint, symptom, etc
  <cd S="CD-ITEM" SV="1.11">medication</cd>

Explanation: This means that the ITEM describes a 'medication'.