Reference Tables: eBirth Item Type










This table is related to the 4 ebirth transactions. Its content has been defined by FedICT.

Values identify the types of the items of the ebirth transactions.

Context of use: item

Code Meaning (English) SNOMED-CT
multiparity Multiple pregnancy
samesex Structure by sex of the multiple pregnancy
stillborn number of stillborn babies
birthplace place of birth
birthrank baby birth rank
partusnumber Partus number
beforepregnancyweight Weight of the mother before the current pregnancy
atdeliveryweight Weight of the mother at her entrance in the delivery room
height Height of the mother
previouschildbirth Childbirth(s) before this pregnancy
previousbornalive Total number of born-alive baby(s)
lastbabybirthdate Date of birth of the last baby born alive
intermediatestillborndelivery intermediate delivery of a stillborn baby
previouscaesarean Caesarean section during a previous delivery
parity Parity (this delivery included)
pregnancyorigin Origin of the pregnancy
hypertensiondiagnose Hypertension ((>= 140 / >= 90 mm Hg)
diabetesdiagnose Diabetes
HIVdiagnose HIV
pregnancyduration Duration of the pregnancy till the delivery
childposition Position of the child at birth
inductiondelivery Induction of the delivery
epiduralanalgesia Epidural analgesia
rachianalagesia Rachi analgesia
foetalmonitoring Monitoring (control) foetal
streptococcusbcolonization Colonization of streptococcus of B group
intrapartalsbgprophylaxis Intrapartal operation of SBG prophylaxis (peni, ampi)
deliveryway Way of delivery
episiotomy Episiotomy
caesareanindication Indication(s) for caesarean section
breastfeeding Baby breast-feed
atbirthweight Weight at birth
apgarscore1 Apgar score: after 1 min
apgarscore5 Apgar score: after 5 min
artificialrespiration Artificial respiration to the newborn baby (immediate care)
neonataldept Transfer to neonatal department
congenitalmalformation Major congenital malformation (detected at birth)
othermedicalrisk Other medical risk
<id SV="1.0" S="ID-KMEHR">5</id>
<cd SV="1.1" S="CD-ITEM-EBIRTH">previouschildbirth</cd>

This means that the item speaks about the childbirth(s) before the pregnancy subject of the transaction. This item type requires a boolean content. It this example there was effectively a childbirth before the current pregnancy.