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This table does not intend to replace any possible standard that might be agreed on by the profession or by the Belgian Health Authorities. NMF = nursing, migration format.

It is advised to use this code to refer to the nursing acts. This table will favour interoperability between users speaking different languages and from different areas.

This table is subject to change pending input from the homecare organizations. 

Code Meaning (English) SNOMED-CT
NMF001 Preparation and administration of medication for chronic psychiatric patients
NMF002 Weekly preparing medication
NMF011 Bladder Catheter care
NMF012 Bladder Wash
NMF013 Suprapubic cystostomie
NMF021 Constipation Care- Faecalome
NMF022 Clyster
NMF031 Eye drops or eye ointment in postoperative phase
NMF040 Wound care
NMF041 Surveillance of a wound treated with bioactive bandage
NMF042 Application of ointment or a product on a wound
NMF043 Simple wound care
NMF044 Complex wound care
NMF045 Specific wound care
NMF046 Visit referent nurse in specific wound care
NMF047 Stoma wound care
NMF051 Putting (compressive) bandages
NMF052 Undo or Putting on stockings
NMF061 Enteral Feeding (via catether)
NMF062 Replacement gastrostomy sonde
NMF071 Perfusion
NMF072 Placement Indwelling cathether
NMF073 Removal Indwelling cathether
NMF074 Supervision analgesic epidural or intrathecal pain pump
NMF081 Injection IV
NMF082 Injection IM, SC
NMF091 Body care (toilet)
NMF092 Vulva – vaginal irrigation
NMF093 Dressing
NMF101 Respiratory aspiration
NMF111 Specific nursing diabetes dossier
NMF112 Individual education in self treatment by a reference nurse
NMF113 Presence at selftreatment training
NMF114 Individual education to motivate diabetes patients
NMF115 Follow-up of a diabetes patient after self treatment training
NMF116 Follow-up of diabetes patient not starting effective self treatment
NMF121 Nursing consult
NMF999 Other
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