Medication Scheme Cookbook Annex 'Posology Specification' version 8 published

Dear stakeholder/client/developer,...

The first version of the Annex 'Posology Specification' of the Medication Scheme Cookbook has been published: version 8

Technical fix in BePatient FHIR Profile

Dear stakeholder/client/developer,...

A technical issue was detected with the published BePatient FHIR profile that could impact certain implementations when integrating the core federal set of FHIR profiles. The binding level to the correct valueset to express a contact.relationship was defined on a structural level too high which could cause problems in certain scenarios.

This has been fixed.

The version of the BePatient artefact went hereby to 1.0.1 and is integrated in our 1.2.2 package.

As always you can find the link to the concrete FHIR artefacts via our federal profiles FHIR page.



Dear stakeholder/client/developer,...

A new version of the federal FHIR standard, IG version 1.2 of our FHIR Implementation Guide has been released.

This version adds federal profiles for addiction, communication, homecare plan, homecare team, patient will, problem, score result and vaccination and their supporting FHIR artefacts.



Medication scheme cookbook version 5.8 published

Dear stakeholder/client/developer,...

A new version of the medication scheme cookbook has been published: version 5.8